San Francisco is an exciting, diverse city that is paving the future, and you are a part of it! With such a dynamic hometown, your nonprofit organization has the capacity to make a positive impact on San Francisco and the world at large.

However, to make that positive impact, you need to focus on your mission–not bookkeeping for your nonprofit. Poor fiscal health can dramatically impact your ability to make a difference, and regardless of your organization’s size, do-it-yourself nonprofit bookkeeping is a risk that you simply cannot afford.

Nonprofit organizations face truly unique challenges when it comes to funding, administration, and compliance, and it is all too easy to become mired in the details of bureaucracy–bringing your mission to a halt.

That’s where Good Steward Financial Company comes in. There’s no need to hop on Google and search for “nonprofit bookkeeping services near me.” Good Steward Financial is the premiere nonprofit bookkeeping service in San Francisco, CA.

As a Christian company, Good Steward Financial places a premium on service. That is why we work exclusively with nonprofit organizations and small businesses; we firmly believe that these organizations are essential to maintaining thriving communities!

Good Steward Financial offers simple solutions to complex, nonprofit-specific financial concerns–freeing up more time, energy, and funds for your nonprofit to devote to its mission. Simply put, we help you help others.

Good Steward Financials experienced staff has the skills and specific bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations knowledge to assist your nonprofit with all of its needs. We are your trusted partner, and when you work with us, you don’t need to look for any other nonprofit bookkeeping services. Good Steward Financial is your one-stop shop.

Our broad range of 501c3 services include:

  • Full-service accounting and bookkeeping for nonprofit organizations
  • Annual audit assistance in collaboration with a CPA
  • Comprehensive, efficient cash flow management
  • Compliant, nonprofit-specific payroll processing and preparation of 1099s, W2s, and W3s and state and federal payroll tax filings
  • QuickBooks setup, training, tune-ups, and assistance
  • Fractional CFO services to take your nonprofit to the next level, creating better budgets, increasing financial literacy, and avoiding financial crises

As a nonprofit bookkeeping service, our goal is to give you accurate, actionable insights into your finances while maintaining smooth day-to-day operations.

Our 501c3 services improve your nonprofit’s day-to-day finances as well as setting you up for long term fiscal success. When your finances are running smoothly, you can focus on what matters: helping others.

Don’t frantically search for “nonprofit bookkeeping services near me.” Transforming your San Francisco, CA nonprofit organization’s financial health starts with one call to Good Steward Financial.


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