San Francisco is a vibrant, diverse community, and your nonprofit or small business is part of what makes it so dynamic! You are working hard to make a positive impact on your city. At Good Steward Financial, we specialize in helping you achieve your goals.

You have a mission, and so do we. Our founder, Jasmine Simpson, created Good Steward Financial to help nonprofit organizations and small businesses not just survive but thrive in competitive markets.

Good Steward Financial is your premier source for bookkeeper services for small businesses and 501c3 nonprofit organizations. We developed our accounting and bookkeeping services specifically to meet your unique needs.

With our proven track record of providing organizations with the resources they need, you can see that Good Steward Financial is invested in your success. Our San Francisco bookkeeping services will give you a solid foundation to grow from.

How Can Good Steward Financial Help You?

You started your nonprofit organization or small business to make a difference in your community. However, part of making a difference in raising and properly allocating funds.

Good Steward Financial’s team of financial professionals will handle your accounting and bookkeeping so that you can focus on what really matters: helping others.

We offer a wide variety of San Francisco bookkeeping services to keep your nonprofit or small business running smoothly, including:

  • Full-service virtual accounting and bookkeeping
  • QuickBooks online services
  • Cash flow management
  • Fractional CFO services
  • Annual audit assistance
  • Payroll processing

We offer different packages, and we work together with you to find the plan that best suits your needs.

Bookkeeping for Nonprofit Organizations

While there are other San Francisco bookkeeping companies out there, you won’t find many that specialize in bookkeeping for nonprofits like Good Steward Financial.

We understand 501c3 organizations inside and out, and we have the tools that will help your organization reach its highest potential.

Our nonprofit bookkeeping services take care of all of your organization’s finances so that you can focus on your mission!

One of our most unique and most beneficial services for nonprofit organizations is our fractional CFO consulting.

No matter your nonprofit’s size, you will need a financial professional. However, we also understand that many small organizations lack the budget to hire a full-time CFO. That is where Good Steward Financial can help!

Good Steward’s fractional CFO services give your nonprofit access to a dedicated financial professional. Even though they only work for you part-time, they deliver full-time results!

A fractional CFO can help:

  • Analyze your organization’s profitability from an objective perspective
  • Provide expert financial advice
  • Improve your nonprofit’s cash flow management
  • Develop tax-saving strategies
  • Handle a current financial crisis and prevent future issues
  • Work with bankers, attorneys, and insurance providers on your organization’s behalf
  • Provide support as your nonprofit grows

A fractional CFO sets your nonprofit up for both short-term and long-term fiscal health, and nothing beats the peace of mind of knowing that your organization’s finances are in good hands.

And at the end of the fiscal year, Good Steward Financial offers another great tool for bookkeeping for nonprofits: annual audit assistance. We work with a CPA to prepare an audit that offers:

  • Accurate interpretation of your statements
  • Actionable financial insights
  • Added value for your organization
  • Long-term strategies for success

Bookkeeper Services for Small Businesses

For small business bookkeeping in San Francisco, look no further than Good Steward Financial. We are a small business ourselves, and we know how to address your unique needs.

A small business is easy enough to run when you are the CEO, CFO, COO, and only employee. However, as your small business expands, you will need expert accounting and bookkeeping.

When you need to hire workers, including regular employees and independent contractors, we can provide payroll processing. Good Steward Financial:

  • Processes payroll on a weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and/or monthly basis
  • Manages direct deposits
  • Files payroll taxes at both the state and federal level
  • Provides customized payroll reports
  • Prepares W-2’s, W-3’s, and 1099’s

As a small business owner, you may also already be aware of QuickBooks Online. But do you really know how to make the most of this popular software?

Good Steward Financial’s QuickBooks bookkeeping services help you maximize your QuickBooks experience from the start.

Our QuickBooks services include:

  • Software setup
  • QuickBooks training
  • Regular tune-ups
  • Fast, friendly assistance
  • Discounted rates on QuickBooks software through our wholesale plan

Good Steward Financial has the experience and the skills to help your small business grow.

San Francisco Bookkeeping with Integrity

Good Steward Financial is a Christian company founded on a strong moral code. We have cultivated a culture of honesty, excellence, and ethics.

Every Good Steward Financial team member operates with our signature style of exceptional professionalism mixed with genuine care. Our values truly set us apart from other bookkeeping services in San Francisco, CA.

Our team of financial experts is excited to make a difference in your San Francisco community, so give us a call at 336-347-3851 or use our easy online contact form.


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