How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Could Save Your Organization Time AND Money

How Outsourcing Bookkeeping Could Save Your Organization Time AND Money

Your nonprofit organization is en route to success. You have a strong mission, and your programs are already making a palpable impact on your community.

You want to expand, but you hit a roadblock: your finances. When you started your nonprofit, it was small enough that you could handle the bookkeeping yourself, but now it’s starting to get overwhelming.

Good Steward Financial Company is here to help! We are a virtual bookkeeping service, and we specialize in 501c3 organizations like yours. When you outsource to us, we streamline your nonprofit’s finances to maximize efficiency and impact.

Why Should You Outsource to a Virtual Bookkeeping Service?

Full-service bookkeeping and accounting keep your nonprofits’ finances organized and accurate for long-term fiscal health.

Accounting and bookkeeping are difficult, and financial professionals receive extensive training. As your nonprofit expands, there is simply no replacement for a fiscal expert. Making do without one is a recipe for trouble down the road.

Without a virtual bookkeeping service, your nonprofit might find itself in a financial crisis due to inaccurate cash flow management, wasted time, or unnecessary expenses.

If your organization is growing and doesn’t have a bookkeeping expert on staff, it’s time to outsource.

A virtual bookkeeping service reviews your finances from a professional, objective perspective. We aren’t emotionally invested in your vendors or your donors; we are only invested in giving your organization a firm financial foundation. 

Outsourcing your bookkeeping to Good Steward Financial provides:

  • Accurate, up-to-date, and actionable financial reports
  • Bank and credit card reconciliation
  • General ledger maintenance

You will also have access to our signature services, including:

  • QuickBooks bookkeeping services
  • Fraction CFO services
  • Payroll processing
  • Help with cash flow management
  • Annual audit assistance

Our experts will give you a new, clear outlook on your finances so that you can make the most of your resources to help others.

Case Study: In4All

Still unsure how outsourcing bookkeeping can help your nonprofit? Let’s explore how a real organization really benefited from Good Steward’s help.

In4All is an Oregon-based nonprofit that pairs educators with businesses to serve underprivileged demographics. They reached out to Good Steward Financial after they reorganized their nonprofit, shifting some of its policies and priorities.

Good Steward Financial reviewed In4All’s existing bookkeeping and accounting methods. They were outdated, relying on paper checks, some of which required a signature from a board member.

Not only were the systems in place inefficient, but they wasted time and money.

Good Steward Financial streamlined In4All’s bookkeeping practices. We showed them how to integrate and automate as many processes as possible, leveraging our financial expertise and QuickBooks bookkeeping services to save valuable time.

Now that In4All has new, strong bookkeeping and accounting strategies, we are committed to maintaining their fiscal health.

Our fractional CFO services are keeping In4All on track for both short-term and long-term financial success. Fractional CFOs provide the same professional assistance as a full-time CFO without the costs of taxes, benefits, or vacation time.

With our fractional CFO services, In4All gets:

  • Expert financial advice
  • A full, objective picture of their financial standing
  • Profitability and trend analysis
  • Increased financial literacy across the organization
  • Help with cash flow management
  • A financial representative to interact with bankers, attorneys, and insurance agents
  • Peace of mind

Most importantly, though, In4All’s fractional CFO and other Good Steward virtual bookkeeping services give them more time and money to devote to their mission.

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