Promotion of Brian Geerlings to Chief Operating Officer

Promotion of Brian Geerlings to Chief Operating Officer

Good Steward Financial Company, LLC, is excited to announce the promotion of Brian Geerlings from Director of Accounting to Chief Operating Officer. Brian has been with Good Steward Financial Company since January 2021 and has already contributed significantly to our firm and to our mission of providing exceptional and comprehensive service offerings.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the financial industry, Brian has previously served in corporate roles as Director of Financial Planning and Analysis, and VP of Finance. His broad background will no doubt benefit our clients as we continue delivering excellence and building the capacity of those we serve.

“I’m thrilled to have Brian on our leadership team,” says CEO Jasmine Simpson. “He’s been an integral part of bettering our services — from improving the efficiency of our processes to providing potential for new financial services. Brian’s background in financial planning and analysis allows us to now provide clients with a detailed strategic plan to take them from where they are to where they want to be, and his leadership skills have been impactful for ensuring our team is performing at its highest level.”

In his new role, Brian works closely with CEO Jasmine Simpson to oversee the services we offer. “Our corporate backgrounds blend well — Jasmine’s in corporate accounting and mine, as she mentioned, in financial planning and analysis,” he says. “My moving into the COO role strengthens our partnership and elevates our overall client value proposition. We’re building a very capable virtual firm with best-in-class apps and integrations, providing the best quality business strategy and support to our clients.”

As COO, Brian manages all operations and works directly with our team to ensure all client services are delivered accurately and on time. He also conducts all reviews, budgets, and CFO analyses, providing value at every level.